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IT Governance Consulting: Services


Exceeding Expectations

What we can do for you.

  1. IT Strategy – Many IT organization have difficulties formulating their IT Strategies and in executing them. Using best-practices such as ITIL®, Balance Scorecard and others we help them craft and deploy their strategies in a manner that is SMART and supportive of their business strategies.

  2. IT Assessment services – to enable realize the GAPs between “where they are” and “where they want” to be and create an actionable improvement plan to close these gaps.

  3. Digital Transformation – through our consulting services coupled with relevant we transform organisations and IT professionals to capable of driving transformation programmes leveraging on technology to create new value for their stakeholders.

  4. IT Governance – we help IT organizations define their processes, policies, procedures, performance measurement systems and metrics, roles and responsibilities in line with tried-and-tested best practices and their company standards.

  5. Project Management – Tiramid Ltd provides Consultants to serve as external Project Managers to help IT organization deliver their IT projects successfully thus freeing internal IT resources to focus on their core activities.

  6. Business Continuity Management (BCM) – We educate, train and coach IT and Business Management on the need to have effective and regularly-reviewed continuity practices as part of their risk management obligations. In addition, we work closely with IT Managers to create IT Continuity strategies & plans that are workable, tested and ready to run. We also offer coaching and mentoring services to IT people to help them adopt the right attitudes and cultures to manage risk and support Continuity Practices. We follow best-practices from various leading sources including the Business Continuity Institute-UK and others.

  7. IT Leadership Development – through mentored coaching and motivational sessions to enhance people performance and teamwork which is often lacking in many IT organizations and Departments.

  8. Due Diligence support – to support corporate investments and procurement decision-making processes to enable organisations make the RIGHT INVESTMENTS at the RIGHT LEVELS with the BEST providers.

  9. Technology Consulting Services – we aid in planning, design and deployment of key technology infrastructure & tools in selected IT technology areas. Some of the technology areas of interest to our company include: Virtualization; Data Replication; Cloud Computing; Business Intelligence and Data Analytics and Content management.

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